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can doctors give you weight loss pillsno-sugar-added pork sausage, with a small side of blueberriesLunch: spaghetti squash topped with olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic with chicken or ground turkey and a side of broccoliSnacks: Mandarin oranges, berries, almonds, or a banana with sugar free plain almond butterDinner: roasted veggies and salmon on a leafy saladDessert: homemade no-bake "fudge brownies" made from dates, walnuts, sugar free almond butter, and 100 percent unsweetened cocoaOverall, I've lost 80 pounds since starting my weight-loss journey in 2014. But the best part? They're all four grams of carbs or fewer, which means they're totally keto-compliant, and most of them have at least 14 grams of fat to help kick you into ketosis. Each day I get asked the question, “How do you stay motivated?” I really don’t have a magic answer, but I am obsessed with documenting & rewarding my progress.how safe is keto advanced weight loss pills I’ve always been happy and confident in my own skin, but now I FEEL incredible. I was obsessed with fast food and not working out.The 13-ounce bottles retail for a price of .healthy over the counter weight loss pills